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As 3D4E, we serve you in line with your creativity and production needs. we are working to

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Whatever your field, increase your productivity with 3D4E

Areas we are in

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    Architectural Solutions

    Can there be an Architectural Solution without a 3D4E printer?

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    Artistic Designs

    Imagine First… Then with our 3D4E Printers let it be real..

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    Educational Materials

    For the children of the 21st century Teaching without a 3D4E printer is unthinkable…

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    Home & Hobby

    At any age, anywhere 3D4E for everyone who wants to put things on the line

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    and more

    The only constant thing is change.. As the 3D4E brand, we have always been ready for tomorrow.

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As 3D4E, we provide you with the best service no matter what you need. We work to provide you with value and maximize your efficiency. In our wide product range You can contact us to choose the most suitable product.


It's so simple that primary school youth can do it. Functional enough to meet all detailed requests

Suitable Consumables

Suitable for all brands of filament, regardless of brand has print settings



Ideal for multi-user environments

Full Support

Although users change There is always the opportunity for new users to receive retraining.


We are a team that has stepped into Turkish business life with EMESYS, the foundations of which were laid at METU Teknokent.

Electronic Materials

Bizi Tercih Edenler