3D4E 4Gen Pro L 2R

Long & 2 Colors

It is unique with its large printing area and moreover 2 Color printing options… Why Do You Have to Settle for Less? Technology offers us new opportunities every day. For example, filament technology is changing, our speed is increasing. Materials change and new techniques develop. We also apply innovations to our printers and develop new models. And we are offering you a great opportunity for our first 1,000 printers. If you want to replace a 3D printer you bought from us with a higher model within the next 2 years, you can upgrade to a higher model and renew your machine by just paying the difference in the list sales price. We buy back the printer you bought and used from us at the price you bought it for, regardless of its condition, and ensure that you have a brand new top model printer by just making up the price difference. What happens to what we receive from you? We support a social responsibility project that we believe will be very beneficial for our country... Don't forget… For the first 1,000 printers sold/to be sold as of the beginning of 2017….