3D4E Education

With 3D4E printers, you can remove the limits on your students' creativity... You can enable your students to produce any tangible object they think, draw, dream, or want to make, by themselves, with a few small touches. When you ensure that what they think exists in real life, your student's "self-confidence" will increase, his "will to do" will increase exponentially, and his "sense of production" will develop. Whether it is children who are interested in the field of engineering... Whether it is children who are interested in space... Whether it is children who want to give a message for "World Peace"... Children who are sensitive to the environment... Toy-loving children who love to live with the child inside... Whether they are kindergarten children... Primary school children... Whether they are older sisters and brothers who have reached high school age. … There are plans to work with 3D4E printers that will appeal to all of them… Just give them this opportunity.